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If you’ve read anything about online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) you’ve probably seen the phrase “Content is King” splattered all over blogs and articles. The reason content is pushed so much in recent years is because of its importance to search engines for rankings, and to businesses looking for new customers. If you own a business and have a website, periodically refreshing the content on your site is a good first step to climbing the content mountain, but getting to the top requires a longer reach.

At Detroit Reputation Management our team of public relations experts understands the importance of content, and has a proven method of targeting national resources for press release syndication. Let’s take a look at how content can be a powerful connection to you and potential customers.

Press Releases

Mainly used by public relations firms to capture interest by news outlets or for pitching a story,  press releases generally announce something newsworthy, like an event or product launch. When using press releases for marketing and SEO, there needs to be an interesting angle that will get it picked up by various online news sources. A great way to spin a press release is to appeal to anything that is holiday-related or seasonal, or pick up on any emerging trends that can be related to your business. And important point to remember about press releases though, is to focus more on the interesting information, and add in your business’s take on it as a secondary detail. This keeps it from sounding like a sales pitch or an advertisement, which are generally ignored by any news outlets.

So let’s say your press release about a recent trend in cosmetic dentistry that relates to your dental practice gets picked up and posted on a few online news sites. These sites will post the press release and link it back to your website! People reading the press release may click on the link and it becomes a vehicle that drives traffic to your website. Links from high authority sites back to yours carry a lot of weight in terms of ranking your website. Press releases are a great way to get information about your business online, and have the added bonus of creating quality links back to your website that drive traffic and increase its importance in the eyes of search engines.

News Articles And Blogs

Much like press releases, blogs are a valuable way to distribute good content about your business and industry, while creating links back to your website. But more than that, it provides an arena for you to become a valuable source of information about your particular area of expertise. Consumers tend to do a lot of research about something before deciding who to give their business to.

Let’s say you own a pool construction and maintenance company. Posting articles to your own website blog and any other blogs you create with helpful information that looks to inform rather than sell can have a positive effect. Consumers want to hire the experts, and you sharing knowledge about the industry, with how-to’s, tips, warnings and a variety of subject matter, makes you the expert they will remember and turn to when they are ready to buy.

Putting valuable information about your industry in a variety of places online, and creating nice links back to your website, will increase your overall website traffic and bring qualified visitors directly to you. The challenge lies in getting people to read it. We have direct relationships with a variety of national news sources, and a team of professional writers that can create powerful content for any industry. Our national and local Detroit online marketing team is made up of local professionals who have national resources and can help bring your marketing campaign to the next level. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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