Understanding Offline Public Relations

In a time when businesses are scrambling to understand the complexities of online marketing, there is a marked trend toward also doing things “the old-fashioned way.”  Not to say that doing offline marketing is taking the place of online efforts, but it has become important to supplement your internet marketing tactics with what is known as offline PR.

Offline PR appeals to the more traditional methods of generating publicity. Its purpose is to create buzz around a company or brand and garner attention through print, radio, TV or speaking engagements.

The school of thought is that, with so many people being able to release immediate information online 24 hours a day, your content can get buried beneath piles of others, and the life of your press release may be shortened. But if you manage to successfully pitch a story for a journalist, or get invited on the morning news, you are in front of a more focused audience and have their undivided attention.

Also, offline PR allows more control over timing. In terms of newspapers or magazines, most journalists will publish their online editorial calendar so you can see what stories are in the pipeline, and for when. Finding relevant topics can help mold your pitch and give you a hook for how your business can be included in the story.

How Does Public Relations Improve Your Company’s Image?

PR has been a powerful tool for businesses because it is cost-effective, and involves releasing information and opinion, rather than trying to sell through traditional advertising. Consumers have become wary of information they cannot verify, and look to peers to validate purchasing decisions. Being included in an editorial piece about your industry as a source of information carries far more weight than buying an ad on the next page.

That being said, here is where also having an online PR strategy takes your efforts as far as possible. Once a story is published offline that garners publicity for a business, extending its lifespan and having online PR in the mix provides a way to reach potential customers through peer-to-peer networks and social media outlets. Sharing of this information immediately widens the audience and reach dramatically!

Online news sources who carry the story offer another nugget of valuable marketing gold: links. Offline publications tend to also have a strong online presence, and your news story can end up on their high authority site, and link back to yours. And when this is shared among social networks, the impact of driving traffic from these places to your website is huge. But this may not have happened if a story wasn’t pitched to a traditional offline publication!

Finding a nice balance and including both online and offline elements to any PR strategy is key. Detroit Reputation Management provides you a powerful team of offline public relations experts in Detroit, and provides local personal service with national resources. Strong public relations continues to be a crucial part of developing successful brand awareness and visibility, and a multi-faceted approach increases chances for success. Call us today to speak with one of our marketing professionals, and see how we can get you results.

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