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Online Vs. Offline Public Relations

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Small businesses across the country are more commonly looking into public retaliations (PR), as a way to build their reputations. This concept includes how others perceive your brand and business, as a result of what you do to promote yourself.

With PR, your business can establish strong foundations and generate awareness within your target market, in order to bring consumers, investors, stakeholders, and other business attributes, that allow your company to grow.

While many small businesses forget, it is important to include PR with all marketing plans, in order to distinguish yourself from any competition. Professional PR specialists use this awareness to get a company off the ground, sustain successful business tactics, and instill long-term results for a brand and community. There are two types of PR methods:

  • Offline: By using media relations, public speaking events, competitions/awards, and written articles, a company is able to generate publicity within their community. Offline PR can be anything that is distributed through print, radio, television, or other in-person media tactics.
  • Online: Commonly geared towards those who utilize technology, this form of PR creates momentum for a company on blogs, forums, social networking sites, and other Internet mediums. SEO is generally the most effective form of online marketing, by pushing press releases, blog posts, videos, and actively participating in social networking discussions. The key with online PR is to make your company viral and vibrant.

Journalism vs. Blogging 

As technology advances and more people look to the Internet for an immediate news source, many traditional journalists are now maintaining thriving blogs and creating a strong online presence. These journalists are typically booked with stories weeks or months in advance, so make sure to do your research and find one that may have newsworthy articles lined up that you can associate your company with. This method of PR will increase your chance of online visibility.

However, those that are exclusively bloggers, typically do not have a rigid schedule or upcoming event page. When using a blogger in your PR strategy, focus on those who have a reputation for discussing your market and can generate specific stories that target the opportunities you’re promoting.

It’s important to not forget a startup marketing plan for your small business that includes public relations both online and offline, in order to maximize the amount of attention you can create for yourself. By mixing these different methods of marketing, you can ensure that you’re reaching out to as many people as possible.

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