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Reputation Management

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Don’t Take A Chance, Be Proactive And Use Reputation Management To Promote The Positive

Around 92% of the online population looks to reviews before purchasing a service or product. Review can range from new clothes, a physician in your neighborhood, a restaurant that just opened, or even where to go on vacation. Chances are, if you’re looking to spend money on something, there is a review out there you can examine.

Traditional advertising methods used to be the most effective way to promote your product or service. Catchy phrases and bold marketing campaigns would set the precedent of excellence and superiority for your company, guiding customers towards you more often. While these common methods of advertising still exist today, the personal touch and customer service end of a company is the most critical factor for success.

Review sites are designed to allow customers to rate your product or service on a sliding scale, explain their experience with you in great detail, and leave a permanent impression for those who venture across it. Popular review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s list are where most consumers are looking to, before purchasing a product or service. With information at our fingertips, people are no longer trusting companies based on their guts instinct or through advertising alone.

People trust other people, which is why they look to the review sites for guidance. The balance of success for your business can potentially lie in the hands of your customers. With reputation marketing strategies, you can ensure that good reviews are being published online more often.

Unhappy customers are more likely to voice their concerns, over satisfied consumers. Hiccups and mishaps are bound to happen, leading to poor service for an individual, but this does not have to be the norm on your reviews. Rather than shying away from bad reviews, address the situation at hand. By engaging in reputation management, you can take a personal approach to handling complaints directly and publically. Showing your consumers that you care to make a situation right can potentially increase your chances for rave reviews in the future.

While reputation management may seem like a challenging task to manage, it mostly requires consistency. By looking for new ways to promote positive business, and handling any pitfalls along the way, you can set a standard for your company that excels in customer service.  Putting your funds towards reputation management can change how you are perceived by executing and new customers, online and in person. Start creating your solid business presence today!

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