How Important Is Your Reputation Marketing?

Did you know…

…that a whopping 92% of people looking to purchase a product or service look online for reviews? This includes folks trying to find a great new restaurant, or someone looking for a physician, or even big-ticket items like what dealership to go to for your next car purchase.

Advertising used to be the most effective way to sway opinions and convince the buying public that your place is the best around. You could spin an angle and use clever writing and imagery to convey a tone and lead people to think and react a certain way. It’s not to say that advertising is no longer effective – it certainly is – but when it comes down to being a deciding factor for your potential customer base, personal experience will win out every time.

With the advent and heavy usage of review sites allowing for total transparency of a business’s service or products, customers are taking to the internet en masse to leave reviews or voice their opinions about a company. Yelp and Angie’s List are examples of entire websites that are based around consumers being able to read about other people’s experiences before trying something out themselves. People are determined to be more informed consumers, and understand that traditional advertising will not tell the whole story.

So they put their trust in the experiences of those who have gone before them. This can have a huge impact on the success or failure of a business. Reputation marketing addresses the need to make sure the good reviews are out there, and that there are plenty of them.

How Do Online Reviews Impact Your Company’s Reputation?

It’s no secret that people are more likely to take to the internet or use a public forum to complain more often than they will compliment. But what if you could encourage happy customers to leave those 5-star reviews about your restaurant on Google? Or submit a glowing review of your plumbing service on Yelp? The happy customers are out there.

Unfortunately, so are the unhappy ones.  It is unlikely that there is a business anywhere that has never had a complaint. We see a lot of negative reviews all over the place, and so do potential customers. But when you engage in reputation management for you Detroit business, we can address the not-so-great comments and turn them into a positive. We can encourage the great reviews that you deserve, and make sure the 5 stars far outweigh the 2 stars.

Luckily, having bad reviews or a bad reputation online does not mean your days are over. It just means that you need to market properly to boost your reputation and visibility online, and encourage positive feedback to offset the negative. Addressing angry customers is not something to shy away from, but it must be done correctly. Potential customers see the engagement and know you care enough not to let an unsatisfied customer stay that way.

That being said, online reputation management and reputation marketing in Detroit is a balancing act, constantly finding ways to promote to good, knowing that you also can’t hide the bad. What you do about it is what counts. Investing in reputation marketing will bring about a positive change in how you are portrayed online, and how attractive your business is to potential consumers.

Detroit Reputation Management has a talented and powerful team of local marketing experts who understand what it takes to increase your business’s positive visibility – on a local or national level. If you need to know what people are saying about you or your business, let us use our extensive resources to map out a reputation management plan that fits your goals and budget!

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