Search Engine Optimization

Understanding The Value Of SEO

A business owner can spend months building the perfect website for a business. It needs to include targeted content, eye-catching images, a clear call-to-action, and then the phone will just start ringing off the hook, right?

Well…. almost.

Building a website without optimizing it for search engines is like building the Taj Mahal In the middle of nowhere, and not telling anyone it even exists. It doesn’t matter how grand or spectacular your website is if nobody will ever see it.

In order to get your website to work for you, you need to focus on its visibility.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses specific methods and tactics to work with a search engine’s algorithms and improve your ranking results.

Detroit Reputation Management, LLC is comprised of a respected team of professionals who have extensive marketing experience in a large variety of businesses and industries. SEO is one of the foundations of online marketing in Detroit, and a customized SEO plan is imperative for any business hoping to gain momentum online, either locally or nationally.

Did you know that Google uses over 200 factors in determining where to place your website in the results list? Some are more important than others, but all need to be addressed and corrected. Here are some of the major players in determining where your website ranks for a given search query:

Take Advantage Of Proven SEO Strategies

Content For SEO

What does your website say about your business? Does it have specific information about what you do that is laid out clearly? Does it contain keyword phrases that people are typing in when searching for something you offer? Your content is not only important to search engines so they can determine what the page is about, but it a major factor in determining what will turn visitors into customers. Having good keywords phrases in your content is imperative. Analyzing search trends and seeing what people are searching for, and where, is one of the foundations of SEO.

Titles and Descriptions

Search engines look at your page titles to help determine the subject matter. If the words in the title match the words entered into the search query, you’re in good shape! But your competitor may also be in better shape. Your title needs to be unique and relevant. It is what appears as the clickable link in search results, and is a 70-character summary of your web page. You have probably noticed a few sentences below the title in search results as well. This is your page description and can mean the difference between someone clicking on your page, or your competitor’s page. Having a unique description that entices people to visit your website helps your click-through-rate, which in turn helps your rankings.

Inbound links

This is a link. Actually, that is a lynx. But the point is this: I just gave authority to that website by linking to it. And you just clicked on it. Having inbound links from other websites to yours are like little “votes of confidence” in the eyes of search engines. It is an indication that your website is relevant and important, which can be the difference between page 1 and page 2.

This barely scratches the surface of SEO and how powerful it is when it is done right. Generating business through your website is no longer just an aspect of your marketing that you pay a little bit of attention to – your customers are online, and your online efforts need to be your MAIN priority. You have a business; you have a website; now you need people to find it. Detroit Reputation Management is dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of online marketing in Detroit and beyond. Whether your business is located in the metro Detroit area or you have a national presence, our marketing experts use coordinated and targeted efforts that effectively improve your website’s visibility. Call us today to find out how your website ranks online.

Imagine How Powerful Page One Search Ranking Could Be For Your Business!

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