How To Use Social Media Marketing To Your Advantage

One of the most difficult questions to answer is “how do I use social media marketing to your advantage?”

The sheer number of social media outlets can be overwhelming for the most seasoned social media user. But when you are busy running your business, who has time to learn about every site and how to use it effectively? Unfortunately, a large number of small to medium sized business owners decide to simply ignore it.  But they justify it with one the following common excuses.

“My customers don’t use social media, so why bother?”

As long as your customers tend to have a heartbeat, they ARE using social media in some form. The trick is finding out which form that is. Most people automatically think of Facebook when social media is brought up, but it’s not the only tool in the drawer. If your business is visual, Instagram or Pinterest are your heavy hitters. If your customer base is mainly business professionals, they are very likely on LinkedIn. You also have Google+, Twitter, Tumblr… the list goes on! Bottom line, there is no reason to assume your customers aren’t online, or that they aren’t the “type” to use social media based on what you sell them.

“I don’t have time”

You have two options here – you can either find the time somehow – perhaps by scheduling 30 minutes a day and making sure you stick to it; or you have the marketing professionals at Detroit Reputation Management do the work for you while you reap the benefits. Online marketing experts know the sites in and out and know what they can do to generate a return on your investment quickly. And you stand to benefit greatly be learning from them what the tried-and-true methods are so you can do it on your own in the future.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business

“People can’t buy anything from my Facebook page, so why bother?”

This is correct; people don’t buy anything directly from your Facebook or Google+ page. But you’re not selling anything there… Social media is a way to connect with your consumers, whether they are current or potential customers. It strengthens your brand and increases your visibility online. It helps your website rankings, and offers one more way people can find you. With the abundance of information out there, people are hesitant to just believe what they read online. But when there is a face and a personality attached to your business, and people can interact directly with you, it builds a trust and confidence in your company that are necessary to grow your customer base. And let’s face it – it’s one of the best ways you can effectively deal with unhappy customers. Addressing bad remarks or complaints publicly, and taking care of it privately, shows that you care about your reputation and people’s experience with your business.

“I don’t know how”

It takes time to learn the nuances of social media. Understanding what is effective and how to reach people is something marketing professionals have been working at for years. Letting someone get you started, or bring it to the next level, can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Your customers are online. They are interacting on social media sites, sharing information, finding businesses and learning about the world around them every day. It is a huge resource of customers that needs to be tapped into by every business owner; regardless of what you do and who it’s for. It’s one thing to know you need to engage, and another to finally take a step forward and do it. Detroit Reputation Management has a dedicated team of marketing professionals who make it their business to know social media, and how to make it work for you. If you are ready to benefit from our experience and knowledge of online marketing in Detroit, call us today!

Are Your Winning The Social Media Race?

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